Tuscany Corte

Smart LED Lighting Upgrade and Avigilon IP CCTV system Installation

Smart LED Lighting Upgrade

McIntyre Compliance Services were commissioned to upgrade the lighting system throughout the building at Tuscany Corte. The lighting upgrade consisted of 300 lighting units over 15 floors that required replacing within a time scale of three months.

The clients chosen manufacturer and specification being Lux Bright Solutions smart LED lighting with web interface. The web interface would allow the client remote access and monitoring via their own bespoke app and platform.

A mobilisation meeting was arranged with the Contract Manager and our Procurement team to discuss the contract in more detail. Following on from the mobilisation meeting, a team of senior engineers was established and a schedule of works put in place to ensure delivery of service within the time frame given.The materials were ordered and received in a timely fashion and the project works began on time as per the schedule.

During the lighting upgrade, we were hit with the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic and nationwide lockdown, works had to temporarily stop.During this time, we re-assessed the risk and set a new plan in place to ensure that we ready to continue works when able to do so and reduce the impact for the client.We successfully found a new way of working that ensured our engineers, as well as the residents, were kept safe and were able to follow government guidelines.When we were able to resume works, our team was ready to begin works with the new safety procedures set in place.

On completion of the upgrade, and after all of the audits checks had taken place, Lux Bright Solution attended the site and commissioned the lighting system without issue.

Through the hard work of our installation team, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to successfully deliver a fully commissioned lighting system to the client before the deadline and on budget.

Tuscany Corte

Avigilon IP CCTV System installation

McIntyre Compliance Services were commissioned by our clients for the installation of 100 cameras across 15 floors, two lift cores and all communal areas.

The system design of the install was provided to us by the client. Upon inspection of the design, we were able to determine that there was no built-in redundancy. This meant that in the event of power failure in any one area, the whole block CCTV system would fail.

We took our findings to the client and the client asked McIntyre Compliance Services to design and integrate a more robust system with built in redundancy.

To enable the built-in redundancy, we designed a CCTV system to run over 3 independent IP CCTV networks with a network video recorder that had an uninterrupted power supply back up for safe shut down. This system would also assist with network transmission.

The client was supplied with remote access, cloud back up, an alarm trip wire and loitering alarm monitoring with remote notifications.

In order to combat and prevent public disorder and loitering within the building, cameras were installed on all corridors as well as stairwells, lift lobbies, bike store and the bin store. All cabling was installed in metal containment for the safetyof the residents and the safety of the site.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown, works had to temporarily stop. Despite the lockdown, the client was kept informed throughout of any plans or progress.

As a result of the covid-19 pandemic, a new time frame had to be set and agreed with the client.

When we were able to return to site, all precautions were taken to ensure our team of engineers, the residents and the public were kept safe whilst we were on site and in the vicinity.

The installation was very challenging but due to the hard work and perseverance of the engineers, the works were completed on time and on budget.